Friday, May 1, 2009

I just wanna have a good sleep...

I went to art gallery IMCAS recently and found this (above) funny yet beautiful and tremendous art work that I think it would be nice if I could share with others. What do you think? Of course no body want to be a cat, but the message it try to convey describe some thought concerning few clumsy political issue.
The artist, Kharina Khairuddin perfected her piece of art by her words (below):

So tell me, do you really wanna have a good sleep too? But please don't forget to recite doa tidur...zzzzzzz


eksp said...

benda2 batil... memang akan menyesakkan pemikiran manusia... hehe... tapi memang best la gambar tuh..

mutakalim said...

lukisan tu mmg best, kalau tengok depan2 lagi best nampak seninya sbb kalau kat sini nampak mcm gambar je.

Anonymous said...

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