Friday, May 15, 2009

Perak political crisis

TO think once was insufficent to produce an answer. An hour or two might not be enough to produce a concrete answer. A day or two would leave us in confusion. And a week or two would only put us in doubt. Imagine how long hours, days and months were wasted for the sake of power in Perak. And after serious trouble took place here and there, but still nothing shows that the crisis seem to be on the mend.
So, let us pray that our muslim brother and ummah will not be continuously deluted by the excessive struggle for power. Whether election would be held or not soon, we should be able to uphold the spririt of unity and brotherhood. Certainly, for so many years and decade, politic had always been an effective tool to put mankind into trouble.


Munir said...

i really agree with u bang. Power struggle were the last thing that Perak would need. Hopefully everyone don't just talk about 1Malaysia or Makkal Sakti but walk the talk.

mutakalim said...

one of the problem in politic is politicians always 'cakap tak serupa bikin'.

Anonymous said...

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