Friday, September 24, 2010

Raya story...

Salam Aidilfitri from us
Alhamdulillah, Aidilfitri celebration this year is slightly different than before, since it was our first time to spend pagi raya with my family in Klang.
It was indeed, meaningful, cheerful and unforgetable moment despite of the difference. 
It was wonderful, delightful, great pleasure in every place I go and every face I see.
Farhah dan Sumaiyah ceria di pagi raya
Before this, in which since 2001, we used to spend malam raya in Banting and spent pagi raya until Zohor for family related activities there, then only we rushed to Klang for continuation of raya mania with my family.
But this year the tentative timetable change as agreed. 
But you know, Klang-Banting is only about 30 kilometres, thus every important location could be easily covered for ziarah within few days.
The distance, enable you to be in both places in the same day, if you wish. Moreover, we were in Banting again on day 3 and 4 of Syawal and days after that.
Banting is my wife hometown, but these days, Banting need no introduction after Sosilawati case, although it always been 'business as usual' for most people there despite of the massive media coverage and bad publicity.
Day one in Klang - ku lihat wajah ibuku di pagi raya - what a wonderful day. After solah Aidilfitri in Masjid As-Syariff Meru, we continue the family raya gathering day, raya sakan activities where the kids were so happy, as well as their parents.
Cheers faces were all around as we eat, sit, snapping photos, cracking jokes and visiting relatives, siblings houses around Klang, Banting and Sungai Besar. We also visited pusara abah.
My wife and I were so glad that the kids - Naufal, Farhah and Sumaiyah - could cope the hectic as we keep reminding them that the purpose of visiting others is not to intensify duit raya. Hehehe.. 
Makhluk takde kuasa
The best part during the marathon house to house visit, I don't have to drive any makhluk! because we're the freeriders of (menumpang makhluk) Alphard, Naza, Matrix. Rileks dan Jimat braderrr...
Raya time in annual house to house visit is full of joy and lovely moment 'yang jauh didekatkan, yang dekat dieratkan', 'let bygone be bygone', 'forgive and forget', nang kono nang kene ketemu meneng... kabare... waras waras yo, nyong jaluk ngapuro...podho-podho wae...(bahasa jawa, nak tahu maknanya, klik ruang komen).
 In every place we dropped, I feel so glad to know almost everybody live a better life, improvement in carrier and worldly matter, positive change in many aspects of life, including fikir agama.
Adik beradik....
 Raya time continue with excitement in several places.....

On Syawal 5. Like what most parent wanted to do, my wife and I always want the kids to have something related to education during school holiday, and Petrosains at KLCC  was the best answer for that.
Moreover, my brother in law who is Petronas's top officer managed to give us free tickets,  thank you ye Along, next time bole bagi free ke Aquaria pulak. hahaha (ijat cakap..)

We took LRT from Pandan to KLCC, just to get the same old feeling using this public transport like those days, and at the same time to give exposure to the kids. They like it! eventhough we felt so exhausted, but it was a worth it trip.
After several offdays, I ended up having stomach ache and flu. After finished 8 days raya in Klang Valley, we traveled back to our home and continue raya with the fews neighbours and office mates since the raya, open house mood is still everywhere...
Syukur, alhamdulillah fi kulli hal wa nikmah.


ziarah76 said...

di sana di sini berjumpa lagi... apa khabar.. sihat sihat ye, saya minta maaf... sama-sama saja...

Ibnu Mutalib said...

wah,best raya...

ابن زين الرمباوي said...

subhanallah..adik beradik smua buat usha agama...smoga Allah terima

Syamsulfaiz said...

Good to see how you improved your life bro. Kirim salam sama wife.

Ishak Zaini said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ziarah76 said...

ibnu mutalib,
best, alhamdulillah.

semoga Allah terima, amin.

alhamdulillah, aku macam biasa, family member lain byk improvement.

Ishak Zaini,
Syukran jazilan ya sahibus samahah al fadhil ustaz, Ishak Zaini al jasini al kuala lipisi al sabahi wal qurbani kabiran, kathiran, jaid jiddan lil ummah fil alamin.
Ya akhi... ba'da walimah, insya-Allah jamatul masturat min Sabah ila Jaybee, ahla wa sahlan daiman.

p/s: lakin fi haza coment box wa blog, la tatakalamu al-utusani, li anna hu musykilah wa masailah kabir.

[betul ke cakap lughatul arabiyah ni?] :)

Ishak Zaini said...


Subhanallah.. Hebat Allah.. Sesungguhnya ini adalah nikmat yang amat dicemburui.. Barakallahu fikum, hadratak bro ziarah76 as sohafi 'ar risalati' al jaybee al bantingi al buzruqi..

boleh da nak jadi mutarjim arab tu..

ziarah76 said...

Ishak Zaini,
ada pembetulan pulak nampaknya.. hehe
murtajim jemaah jawa bole la kot... :)


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